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By Steve Baldwin

Over the last few years, parents have been waking up all over the country realizing that our public schools are full of lunatics. Whether it is the mask issue, critical race theory, or the “gender identity” fad, parents feel like our schools have kept them in the dark while educators have quietly sought to undermine the values most parents want their children to have.

Americans are being flooded with stories about schools urging children to switch their gender, take hormone blockers, and even mutilate their breasts and genitalia all in the name of a bizarre, cult-like movement that calls itself the “gender identity” movement. But none of this should come as a surprise to those who have followed public schools for any length of time.

When sex-ed was introduced into public schools in the 1950s and 60s, it was opposed by the vast majority of parents. Parents rightfully thought that this issue was best left for families to deal with. Nonetheless, the Left continued to fight to make sex-ed part of the school curricula with the main argument being that such instruction would be focused “strictly on biology” and that no agendas would be pushed. Eventually, the Left won and parents who opposed sex-ed were smeared as backward and ignorant people.

It is important to understand who was behind this very patient but devious movement. It was Alfred Kinsey and his organization, the Kinsey
Institute. Kinsey has been called the father of the “Sexual Revolution” because of his best-selling books on sexuality. These books made the claim that all people are sexual from a very early age. Therefore, sexual activity by youth should be viewed as normal and healthy. Moreover, Kinsey also claimed that all sex, no matter how violent, unhealthy, or abnormal, was normal and should be encouraged. His book, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, even soughtto normalize sex between adults and children.

One chart in this book, called “Table 32,” features dozens of children whom he managed to obtain, it is believed, through the efforts of some child molesters he hired. Kinsey then had these perverts rape the children on a table in his laboratory while he took notes on their reactions, which were fear and pain. These were children as young as 4 months old!

To this day, the Kinsey Institute denies this and tries to claim this info was collected from child molesters, but Kinsey’s own observations in his book make it clear that either he or his assistants were there in the room with the children: "Speed of pre-adolescent orgasm; Duration of stimulation before climax; Observations timed with second hand or stopwatch." Kinsey even recorded their painful screams and convulsions as they were molested.

This Institute still exists today at the University of Indiana but they have refused to allow researchers to look at Kinsey’s research, especially anything dealing with the molestation of children.

This is sickening and is one of the greatest abuses of science in American history and yet Kinsey was celebrated by the liberal establishment as a great pioneer of sexual freedom.

Amazingly, no one in authority gave a hoot about the children he had raped nor was he ever investigated for child abuse. The book was a runaway bestseller. Indeed, a few years later he published a companion book titled, Sexual Behavior in the Human Female, that again promoted the idea that children should be sexually active:“It is difficult to understand why a child, except for its cultural conditioning, should be disturbed at having its genitalia touched, or disturbed at seeing the genitalia of other persons, or disturbed at even more specific sexual contacts.”

A Messa Kinsey went on to found the Kinsey Institute, which had a goal of “liberating” American society from its traditional sexual mores, like, for example, fidelity and keeping children away from sexual activity. But the damage this institute has had on America’s culture was incalculable. Within a few years after the publication of his two books, Kinsey Institute disciples in all 50 states persuaded state legislators to change codes having to do with sex. In order to give their radical agenda credibility, the Kinseyites worked with Columbia University law professor Herbert Wechsler to create new standards for sex crime sentencing and called it a “model penal code,” which was published by the American Law Institute.

They convinced legislators that since Kinsey had “proven” that all sex is healthy. Incredibly, Kinsey’s assistants were open about their views on rape: “As Dr. Kinsey often said, the difference between a ‘good time’ and a ‘rape’ may hinge on whether the girl’s parents were awake when she finally arrived home.”

Americans often wonder why rapists and child molesters receive so little jail time. Well, now you know.

But that was not all. The Kinsey Institute played a key role in creating the sex education movement. They knew that if they were to be successful in undermining America’s founding Christian culture, they need to get to the kids. Indeed, it is quite clear that the sex education movement was specifically created to radically change America’s culture and destroy it they did. Any parents who tried to stop them were smeared as backwoods hicks.

It is not a coincidence that all the major sex education curriculum publishers: ETR, SIECUS, Planned Parenthood, etc., were founded by disciples of Kinsey and were deeply influenced not only by Kinsey but his key associates such as Kinsey Institute “superstar” John Money, who has been called the father of the “gender identity” movement due to his work in normalizing transgenderism.

But while America’s liberal establishment continues to lionize Kinsey even today, much of his work has been revisited by social scientists and found to be bogus. It is clear he constructed his research to support his existing “sexual freedom” theories and he used such sloppy methodology that no real social scientist (if they’re honest) is able to replicate his work.

Much of the credit for exposing this huckster must go to the late great sex researcher Judith Reisman. As a friend of mine for the last 30 years,
I can attest to the fact that she spent thousands of hours dissecting Kinsey’s research and was able to show that Kinsey was a pervert and a sexual revolutionary who fabricated “science” to cover up his radical agenda.

But it was all a lie.

Reisman also tried to find politicians and law enforcement authorities with the guts to investigate the Kinsey Institute for refusing to come clean about the children who were raped by Kinsey and his team. But few listened to her and today, Kinsey’s phony research continues to impact sex education curriculum. Had people listened to Reisman 30 years ago, it is possible the sex education movement would have been unable to get its hooks into public schools, and the gender identity movement would never have occurred. To really understand the hoax that Kinsey pulled off and how his work has influenced sex education today, it is absolutely critical to read Reisman’s book, Kinsey: Crimes and Consequences.

By the 1980s, sex education curricula became increasingly anti-family and aggressively challenged the values of America’s founding Christian culture, but educators continued to use the cover story that such texts are “just teaching about reproductive biology." While chairing the California Assembly Education Committee, I was inundated with so many examples of vile and vulgar sex education curricula sent to me by parents that I ended up spending hundreds of hours researching sex education curricula.

What I found was shocking and made it clear to me that Kinsey’s research was the foundation of today’s sex ed curriculum.

The big lie of the Left regarding sex education is that the introduction of sex education has been a wild success story but the opposite is the actual truth. The rates of sexual disease, teenage pregnancies, and child molestation have dramatically increased in our society shortly after the introduction of sex education in our schools.

And it is the sex education curriculum today that is taking the lead in the gender identity movement. Understand that once you destroy traditional gender roles, the family unit breaks down, and without healthy family units, civilization falls apart. The traditional family unit is essential to maintaining civilization for reasons too long to go into here. It is also NOT a coincidence that the leaders of the sex education movement are not only sexual revolutionaries. They are leftists who detest America in general.

Indeed, the push today for destroying the whole idea of gender by indoctrinating children with false ideas about “gender identity” and urging children to block their hormones and/or remove their sex organs, comes from texts pushed by the sex education industry. This site has
many shocking examples. While those examples are from California’s public schools, don’t think for a minute this cult-like movement is limited to California. Indeed, all one has to do to confirm how widespread such sex ed texts are, is just take a look at the national standards that serve as guidelines for sex education publishers and they are horrifying.

The Left ridicules the idea that today sex education is grooming children for sex but that is precisely what it was designed to do by the pioneer of sexual grooming – Alfred Kinsey. He should have been locked up for his crimes, but instead, his work is promoted by the Left as a way of “liberating” American society from its “oppressive” Christian culture.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to get rid of sex education today since it is required by law in most states and even most Republicans don’t have the guts to abolish it. But, short of changing state law, school board members do have the latitude to pick and choose what kind of sex ed curriculum they want. There are curricula on the market today that emphasize abstinence, are not vulgar, and don’t promote bogus gender theories or try to undermine the values of most parents.

Steve Baldwin is a former California State Assemblyman and the former Executive Director of the Council for National Policy and Young Americans for Freedom. He writes for various publications and is the author of multiple books.


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