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Jan 1st 2023 -  Franklin Graham slams 'repulsive, shameful' claim that Jesus has 'trans' body 
Jan 2nd 2023 - Examining the claims of the film '1946'
Jan 3rd 2023 - Census: Christians a minority in England; nonreligious grow
Jan 4th 2023 - Majority of young Americans say there is no absolute truth, challenging Bible: poll 
Jan 5th 2023 - Rejecting Satan's lies about race, religion and gender
Jan 6th 2023 - Biblical worldview conference draws students, adults to counter cultural trends, 'deconstruction' of Christian faith 
Jan 7th 2023 - What exactly is the GOP saving America from these days?
Jan 8th 2023 - Red Heifers Arrive In Israel From Texas In Anticipation Of Third Temple Service
Jan 9th 2023 - Enlisting Doctors As Evangelists To Preach The Gospel Of Transgenderism
Jan 10th 2023 - American Girl Takes Wokeness To New Level With Gender Transition For 3-Year-Olds
Jan 11th 2023 - Texas Hindu charity that fundraised to demolish churches in India faces calls for investigation
Jan 12th 2023 - Survey finds increasing number of Protestants want their church to be politically homogenous
Jan 13th 2023 - Most Evangelical churches don't let women serve as senior pastors but allow them to lead Bible study: poll
Jan 14th 2023 - Biden's Dangerous And Immoral Support For Youth Trans Surgery
Jan 15th 2023 - Disabled By Choice - Transabled Movement Lays Bare The Dangers Of Trans Theology
Jan 16th 2023 - Sharon Kennedy: Beware Gen. Flynn’s pro-Trump roadshow
Jan 17th 2023 - Climate Activists Smash 10 Climate Commandment Tablets On Mt. Sinai
Jan 18th 2023 - Fresh off US Supreme Court prayer win, national firm backs TN county on Judeo-Christian preamble
Jan 19th 2023 - Kirk Cameron will hold story hours at 2 libraries after threat of legal action
Jan 20th 2023 - Christians flee into forest after Hindu mobs vandalize their homes, churches for refusing to re-convert
Jan 21st 2023 - As Christmas Arrives, Hindu Extremists Are Again Targeting Indian Christians
Jan 22nd 2023 - What about my personal right to be free from your religion?
Jan 23rd 2023 - Christians: The 'Respect for Marriage Act' will be used against you
Jan 24th 2023 - LGBTQ 'rights' and the First Amendment cannot co-exist
Jan 25th 2023 - Putin Threatens to Unleash 'Satan' on the World
Jan 26th 2023 - Scottish Parliament passes bill allowing teens as young as 16 to legally change their gender
Jan 27th 2023 - Cambridge Dictionary un-defines ‘man’ and ‘woman’
Jan 28th 2023 - Mario Murillo Prophesies: 2023 Will Be a Massive Storm Followed by Massive Opportunity
Jan 29th 2023 - Franklin Graham Slams Political 'Hatred' Gripping the Nation
Jan 30th 2023 - Shocking Hypocrisy Of U.S. Libraries That Block Christian Book
Jan 31st 2023 - 

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