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(This list of recommended readings was sent to a study group in 2009. Some of the comments reflect my initial responses to what I had read at the time. More than 10 years have since past but the materials are still relevant, perhaps more so now). (RG)

A word of caution/clarification:
If you are looking for doctrinal purity in these works, a la SDA truths- you may be disappointed. My recommendation is that you sift everything thru the Biblical sieve, whether it has the imprimatur of Pacific Press, R&H, or any other publishing house. Some of the context where Scripture is referenced in some of these works may not agree with our understanding, but it will be unwise to ”throw out the baby with the bathwater,” as the saying goes.

“ A little learning is a dangerous thing
Drink deep or taste not the Paerean Spring
For shallow draughts intoxicate the brain
But drinking deep will sober you again!”

-The Coming Collision- Global Law vs US Liberties by James L. Hirsen. (Non-ASDA) Available from Amazon books.

When I found this book in April 2002 it immediately opened up to me an area of concern that I suspect will be instrumental in last day events- the effect of Global Law on US Constitution and national life. Since then I have conducted much research and compiled as much material on the subject to show its relevance to end time events in the USA. This little book is an eye-opener when considered within the context of globalism and one world government. It shows how the infrastructure for the implementation of universal laws is already in place. Enlightening and provoking.

-American Idols- the Worship of American Dream- by Bob Hostetler and Josh McDowell- (Non- SDA) available at the ABC or Amazon.

If you dare to take an inventory of what you really believe, not merely doctrinally, but practically, then you NEED to read it. This book expands the parameters of idolatry into areas that are just frightening, because they are so true and so pervasive.

-Words that Hurt, Words that Heal- Rabbi Joseph Telushkin- (Non-SDA) available from Amazon or other booksellers.

A very thought-provoking book that offers deeper meaning to the words of Jesus especially concerning the fact that we are to be judged by every word that we speak! This book explores the power of words and the potential destructiveness of negative speech etc. I have become more careful in my words because of what I learned here and because of the “black balls” which Sr. White spoke of (see You Can Survive later on below). Other books by Telushkin on Biblical and Jewish Wisdom are a bit pricey but good reading.

-This Little Church went to Market- by Gary Gilley- (Non-SDA) available from www.thebereancall.org.

I dare you to get this book and read it! I urge you to do so! Then as you read, compare what you read with what you see, hear and know happening in your local and North American SDA congregations in particular. If this book does not cause you to seriously think on the contents then I am sadly mistaken or just blind. I highlighted almost every page of this book to the extent that I find very little fault with the authors’ arguments, and am ashamed and perplexed by the fact that we, the custodians of present truth, may be blind as to where we are and where we may be heading.

-This Little Church Stayed Home- by the same author.
It is the follow-up to the first book so it will be very challenging too.

-Showtime for the Sheep- by T.A. McMahon. (Non-SDA) Available from Berean Call.

If you are still intrigued by the movie The Passion of the Christ, you MUST read this little book. Perhaps you were urged to see it or purchased the movie. I just could not put down the book once I started reading. If our people could have this level of insight! Read it and share it.

-You Can Survive- by Jere Franklin. Available at the ABC.

This is a very important and practical book that is needed by SDA’s. It contains practical information- spiritual, economic, social, physical etc., for living in these last days. Some of the more provoking thoughts contained are- the “black balls” of criticism that Sr White talks about; the importance of not being offended etc… Make it part of your library.

-Hidden Heresy- by Thomas Mostert. Available from the ABC etc.
An SDA Pastor reveals the subtle spiritualism present among us. We need to know these things and guard well the avenues to our souls- what we read, hear and see.

-Tidings from the Northeast- by Marc Alden Swearingen- Available from Remnant publications.
This book tackles Daniel 11. The author admits that he avoided this chapter and was fearful about dealing with it because he felt that he could not understand it. It is very clear and insightful. We need to read and study it carefully.

- Prophecy’s Dr Jekell & Mr.Hyde- Stephen Bohr
Excellent Biblical vindication of the separation of Church and State…A Must Read. Only 79 pages. Available from Remnant publications or Secrets Unsealed.

- Worship at Satan’s Throne- Stephen Bohr
Excellent must read….NO SDA should neglect this book…available from the same source above.

-Graffiti in the Holy of Holies- Clifford Goldstein
A powerful analysis of the subtle yet dangerous attacks on the Sanctuary and EGW from within the SDA Church……..Available from the ABC

-The Word of God for the People of God- edited by Ron Du Preez etc.
A powerhouse of individual Bible studies from a large cross-section (31) of SDA writers on various Biblical subjects….A great resource for study and appreciation of SDA scholarship. Available from the ABC.

-Spiritual Junk Food- Cathy Mickels and Audrey McKeever (NON-SDA).

An expose of the junk theories and methodologies that are currently employed to “win the youth” of Christian churches. A challenging read for SDA’s who are unaware of the onslaught already taking place in out battle for the youth……Available on amazon etc.

- Politics and Prophecy- Reinach & Reinach ed.
Here is a Religious Liberty book containing 13 essays on HOT issues relative to Religious Liberty by several different SDA writers. A most excellent MUST HAVE and MUST READ book…..Available from the ABC

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