The Missing Link – Part 4

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January 20, 2017

We ended our last editorial, with the fact that the French Revolution changed the week from a seven day week to a ten day week. “The Revolutionary Work Week” article, published on the Weekend Historian Website on September 24, 2008 continues the thought.

As you were no doubt quick to notice, the biggest implication of the 10 day week was that the weekend only came about every 10 days. The poor French men and women had won their liberty only to be cast into an institutional sweatshop where 9 straight days of work before a day of rest – was the law. “The Revolutionary Work Week,” Weekend Historian Website, dated September 24, 2008.

This new law that affected the work week then, also very definitely affected the endurance and strength of those workers in France. Why all this is important, Kenneth Westby published an article entitled “The Amazing 7-Cycle.” The article was Copyrighted 1990, 1991 by the Association for Christian Development in which he says the following.

“Science has discovered amazing seven-day cycles in the very building blocks of plant and animal life. These newly found sevens, or "septans," also lie buried in us humans -- deep in our metabolic, hormonal, and neuronal networks. This startling discovery has wide-ranging effects that you will want to understand. The following article explores those effects by answering three questions. First, does the formerly unknown, automatic rhythm of sevens hold the secret to one of history's most perplexing enigmas -- the origin of the seven day week? Second, what could these innate, autonomous rhythms mean for us? And lastly, what will this new knowledge tell us about the biblical Sabbath and the Creator God?” Kenneth Westby, “The Amazing 7-Cycle.” Copyrighted 1990, 1991 by the Association for Christian Development

Now of course you notice that Kenneth Westby introduces the concept of the Sabbath into his article. We however will not necessarily zero in on the business of the Sabbath in this Editorial; we will concentrate on the fact that the idea of working nine straight days became a tiresome matter.

“The French Republican Calendar hung around for nearly 12 years, until it was finally abolished by Le Empereur Napoleon in 1805. One day of rest in ten had proven so odious that there was little protest and much celebration at the return of the ancient cycle of seven. And their ancestor’s struggle for a little more rest was not forgotten by the children of modern France.”
“The Revolutionary Work Week,” Weekend Historian Website, dated September 24, 2008

So France ultimately discovered that the seven day cycle instituted at creation was indeed ordained for the health and development of mankind. Even though the nation returned to a seven day week, the philosophy of Atheism found a place. Following the French Revolutionary period, in 1917 came the Russian Revolution which gave rise to communism. Aatif Rashid, in his article entitled What Factors Led to the Rise of Communism in Russia and China?” says the following:

“In February of 1917, a revolution in Russia overthrew the czar and installed a provisional democratic government where power was shared between a variety of factions, including communists. Lenin, in exile in Switzerland at the time, returned to Russia and with his status and charisma helped start a second revolution, known as the October Revolution, which overthrew the moderate democratic government and put the Bolsheviks in power. Without Lenin's charismatic leadership, the Russian Communist party would have been content with the democratic revolution, a type of revolution that many European countries had seen. Lenin, however, used his influence put his faction in power, and make Russia into a communist country.” Aatif Rashid, What Factors Led to the Rise of Communism in Russia and China?”

So what is this communism of which we speak? says “Communism derives from the French commun (common). Ideally, according to communism, society shares all property in common, everyone shares the burden of labor, and everyone shares the profits of that labor. Or, as the German philosopher Karl Marx wrote, "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need." As a system of government, communism is often closer to a form of socialism, in which the state owns and operates industry on behalf of the people.” When therefore we add political communism to atheism, we see the secularization of the society in ways that completely shut out the concept of God. This is where both Russia and China found themselves.

In 1917, three young persons were said to have had an encounter in vision with Fatima. The visions revealed three secrets. Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco were located just outside the town of Fatima in Portugal. The first secret was a vision of Hell. The second secret was a prophecy that World War I would end and furthermore predicted World War II if people insisted on offending God and should Russia not convert. According to These Last Days Ministries, Inc. website, the following prophecy was made concerning Russia.

“In 1917, Our Lady of Fatima said, “In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me, and she will be converted, and a period of peace will be granted to the world.” Victor Khroul (director of the Information Center of the Conference of Catholic Bishops of Russia) says that the conversion of Russia has nothing to do with being or not being Catholic.  A Zenit article on February 16, 2005, reports: Khroul, who is also editor of the Catholic weekly Svet Evangelia, said that when one speaks of "the conversion of Russia" one must understand that it means "the passing from non-belief to the Christian faith," and must not be confused with being or not being Catholic.” “The Conversion of Russia, What Does it Really Mean?” These Last Days Ministries, Inc. website

This conversion of Russia has for many years been an issue of anticipation. We will continue to look at this in our next Editorial.

Cameron A. Bowen

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