The Forgotten Plan – Part 2

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March 30, 2017

According to his biography, found in the Free Encyclopedia, Stephen Nelson Haskell (1833–1922) was an evangelist, missionary and editor in the Seventh-day Adventist Church who became one of the pioneers of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the South Pacific. Notice he was born six years after Ellen Harmon, and had much communication with her during his ministry. It was also during the time when the Holy Spirit was being poured out, as much truth was being revealed to men like William Miller (February 15, 1782 – December 20, 1849), who, from 1831 to 1844, preached the imminent return of Christ. John Nevin Andrews was notably known in the Seventh-day Adventist Church as our first missionary overseas. J. N. Andrews was born July 22, 1829, in Poland, Maine. Also Joseph Bates, co-founder of the Seventh-day Adventist Church along with James and Ellen White. Perhaps there was no more unlikely Seventh-day Adventist preacher than Joseph Bates. The Spirit of God was on the move. That is why Haskell is quoted as saying:

“To every voyager on the storm-tossed sea of life, the Lord has given a compass which, if rightly used, will safely guide him into the eternal haven of rest. It was given to our first parents at the gate of Eden, after they had admitted sin into this beautiful earth as well as into their own lives. The compass consists of the following words, which were spoken by the Lord to Satan: "I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed," In every heart God has planted an enmity to sin, which, if heeded, will lead to righteousness and eternal life. Any man, whatever his station or rank in life, who will absolutely follow the divine compass placed in his heart, will accept Christ as his Saviour and be led out into the sunlight of God's love and approval.” Stephen Haskell, “The Cross and its Shadow “Page 20

What a powerful statement! The covenant that God has made to those who are will and ready to study diligently, to follow closely, and to surrender completely is without any competition. That covenant, the plan of salvation, was set in place, because of God’s foreknowledge. Here is how Haskell describes the plan that was “prepared for us from the foundation of the world.”

“Before man was placed on trial, the love of the Father and the Son for him was so great that Christ pledged His own life as a ransom if man should be overcome by the temptations of Satan. Christ was "the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world."  This wonderful truth was made known to our first parents in the words spoken by the Lord to Satan, "It (the seed of the woman) shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise His heel." In order that man might realize the enormity of sin, which would take the life of the sinless Son of God, he was required to bring an innocent lamb, confess his sins over its head, then with his own hands take its life, a type of Christ's life. This sin-offering was burned, typifying that through the death of Christ all sin would finally be destroyed in the fires of the last day.” Stephen Haskell, “The Cross and its Shadow “Page 21

As powerful as the plan of salvation was that God prepared for us, it was difficult for man to grasp the full significance of what was involved and so God found a way to teach by example.

“It was difficult for man, surrounded by the darkness of sin, to comprehend these wonderful heavenly truths. The rays of light which shone from the heavenly sanctuary upon the simple sacrifices were so obscured by doubt and sin, that God, in His great love and mercy, had an earthly sanctuary built after the divine pattern, and priests were appointed, who "served unto the example and shadow of heavenly things." This was done that man's faith might lay hold of the fact that in heaven there is a sanctuary whose services are for the redemption of mankind. All the worship in the earthly sanctuary was to teach the truth in regard to the heavenly sanctuary. While the earthly tabernacle was standing, the way into the heavenly tabernacle was not made manifest; but when Christ entered heaven to present His own blood in man's behalf, God revealed through His prophets much light in regard to the sanctuary in heaven.” Stephen Haskell, “The Cross and its Shadow “Page 21

This is how God teaches. Step by step he moves us along. The principles revealed in the Sanctuary Service did not change, what changed was our deeper understanding of each application. First the entrance to the Courtyard was on the East. This meant that entry into the Courtyard would necessitate backing the East, or more directly, turning your back to the Sun, turning your back on the Sun’s-Day. Then the first piece of furniture in the Courtyard was the Altar of Burnt Offering. The Altar of Burnt Offering where the lamb was slain represents the cross upon which Christ died.  The next piece of furniture in the Courtyard was the Laver, where the Priest washed before entering the Holy Place. This Laver represented baptism, the death to sin and the burial and resurrection which is the act of Justification.

In the first room, The Holy Place, there are three pieces of furniture. To the north of the Holy Place, the Table of Shew Bread is representative of the Word of God. In the South of the Holy Place are the Seven Golden Candle Sticks which is representative of the Holy Spirit. To the west is the Altar of Incense representative of prayers ascending to the Father. In that room, The Holy Place, today is representative of a place of Holy Living, where you do three things everyday; you study the Word of God, you pray to the Father and you allow the Holy Spirit to lead you. Those three elements of daily worship continue today. Do these three every day, and ultimately you will be able to stand before the Throne of God in the Most Holy Place, because your character has been transformed or sanctified. God’s process does not change; His teaching expands so that when it comes to pass, we will know that he has told us.

Cameron A. Bowen

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