The Forgotten Plan – Part 3

TimeWatch Editorial
March 31, 2017

We have been taking an in depth look at the function of the Sanctuary and its importance with regard to the lessons it provides. We are now being confronted by those who think that the Sanctuary Service carries no relevance in our time. Those who embrace this position have been seriously misled. The concept of the earthly sanctuary was never an invention that was intended to be a temporary lesson plan. It is exactly the process by which the Plan of Salvation is accomplished. Stephen Haskell puts it best.

“The heavenly sanctuary is the great power-house of Jehovah, whence all the help necessary to overcome every temptation of Satan is sent to each one who is connected with it by faith. The heavily laden electric car, with its slender arm reaching up to the wire above, through which it receives strength from the power-house miles away, is a fitting illustration of the Christian. As long as the connection is unbroken, through the darkest night, the car runs smoothly up and down hill alike, not only shedding light on the immediate track ahead, but casting its bright rays of light into the darkness far and near. But the instant the connection is broken, how great is the change! The, car remains in darkness, unable to go forward.” Stephen Haskell, “The Cross and its Shadow “Page 23

What is evident, however is that not only do preachers today suggest that the Sanctuary itself is no longer relevant, but by removing the Sanctuary, they have also removed a number of relevant truths that are connected with it. Notice how Haskell continues.

“So it is that Christ, our great High Priest in the heavenly sanctuary, reaches His hand down over the battlements of heaven to clasp the hand of everyone who will reach up by faith and take hold of the proffered help. The one whose faith lays hold of that help, can pass securely over the steepest hills of difficulty, his own soul filled with light while diffusing light and blessing to others. As long as he by faith keeps a firm hold of God, he has light and power from the sanctuary above; but if he allows doubt and unbelief to break the connection, he is in darkness, not only unable to go forward himself, but a stumbling-block in the way of others.” Stephen Haskell, “The Cross and its Shadow “Page 24

So hidden in the above paragraph, are the following steps. First, our coming to Christ at the altar of Burnt Offering,  then the concept of Justification, which is the forgiveness of all past sins at the moment of accepting Christ and being baptized, the intercession of Christ on our behalf before the Mercy Seat, also the sanctification that takes place as the character is transformed. The abandonment of the Sanctuary Service has given birth to the idea that we cannot overcome sin. The abandonment leaves us with the idea that “God understands.” And because he understands, he has no requirements that we must fulfill. Unfortunately for those who believe this, God does have requirements, and for each one of those requirements he provides the strength to accomplish them. That power is always provided by the Third Person of the Godhead, The Holy Spirit. Listen to how Haskell describes it.

“There are three temples brought to view in the Bible,-the heavenly temple, the dwelling-place of the Most High, where Christ intercedes in our behalf; the temple of the human body, where God's Spirit rules and reigns; and the earthly temple, with its typical services, designed to teach mankind how to receive divine help from the great storehouse above, so that God can honor them by abiding with them continually . The earthly sanctuary with its types and symbols is like the powerful lenses of the telescope, which make it possible to view heavenly bodies that otherwise would be invisible. To the eye of the ignorant those wonderful lenses appear like ordinary glass; but the astronomer, who longs to know of the wonders of the heavens, is filled with rapture as he gazes through them.”  Stephen Haskell, “The Cross and its Shadow,” Page 25

“In like manner the Christian who will study the typical service of the earthly sanctuary, not as a collection of dry, lifeless relics of ancient worship, but as a wonderful art gallery, where, by the hand of a master-artist, the different parts of the marvelous plan of redemption are portrayed, will be astonished at the beauty revealed. The figures fairly speak to him, as it were, from the canvas. They tell the beautiful story of the Savior’s love until his very soul is filled with rapture as he gazes upon them. He sees the vivid picture of the priest in snow-white robe leading the red heifer out to the rough uncultivated valley, there to offer it a sacrifice for sin. He sees him sprinkle its blood on the rough stones of the valley, to teach that Christ died for the most worthless, for the veriest outcast. Who can gaze on that picture without having his heart filled with love for such a compassionate Redeemer?” Stephen Haskell, “The Cross and its Shadow” Page 25

So today, as we explore the Sanctuary and its services, we are privileged to have our vision expanded so that we might see even more clearly the path that God has provided; a path that leads to the Kingdom.

Cameron A. Bowen

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