Echoes of War

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April 24, 2017

Vladimir Putin has built a massive military base in the arctic. The British Newspaper the Telegraph in their 20th of October, 2015 article entitled “Russia builds massive Arctic military base” describes it as a permanent structure on the 80th parallel in the far north Arctic where 150 soldiers can live autonomously for up to 18 months.

“Russia's defense ministry said on Tuesday it has built a giant military base in the far northern Arctic where 150 soldiers can live autonomously for up to 18 months. The ministry said the building erected on the large island of Alexandra Land, which is part of the Franz Josef Land archipelago, is 97 per cent complete. Named the "Arctic Trefoil", or three-lobed leaf, the sprawling three-pointed structure is coloured red white and blue like the Russian flag. The base is a permanent structure located on the 80th parallel north and has an area of 14,000 square metres (150,000 square feet).” the Telegraph “Russia builds massive Arctic military base” 20th of October, 2015.

At first glance, this might appear to be somewhat beyond the pale, until you recognize the significance of Putin’s global agenda. We already know that Putin desires to re-establish the territory formally known as the “Soviet Union.” He has been quoted as saying that the breakup of the Soviet Union was the worse event in history. Katie Sanders in her article published in the Website,

“Russian President Vladimir Putin’s handling of the uprising in Ukraine is not surprising if you look at telling comments he made years ago, says former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations turned conservative television pundit John Bolton. A Fox News host asked Bolton if he agreed with Ukraine’s prime minister who said the country is "on the brink of disaster." Bolton, who served at the U.N. during George W. Bush’s time in the White House, said it seemed pretty accurate. "I think Putin knows that he has the high cards, militarily, economically and politically, and he’s prepared to use them," Bolton said. "He gave us notice of his strategy seven or eight years ago when he said, in what is now one of the most frequently repeated quotes from his leadership in Russia, when he said, ‘The breakup of the Soviet Union was the greatest geopolitical tragedy of the 20th century.’” Katie Sanders, Did Vladimir Putin call the breakup of the USSR 'the greatest geopolitical tragedy of the 20th century?' Website,

So not only is Putin anxious to recreate what he now call Eurasia, a new Soviet System, but he is also anxious to reestablish Russia’s global identity. You are of course aware of the influence that Russia has sought to utilize in the Presidential election in America and in yesterday’s French election. That sort of influence is being attempted in all of Europe. But Putin has a much wider plan in mind.

“Russia is building up its Arctic military infrastructure as part of a recently updated Naval Doctrine, which proclaims the region as a top priority due to its mineral riches and strategic importance. Russia has already built a similar military base called the "Northern Shamrock" on Kotelny island in the East Siberian Sea further south on the 75th parallel. Russia has increasingly asserted itself as an Arctic nation, this year filing a United Nations claim for a vast swathe of the region including the North Pole, and holding war games in the area.” the Telegraph “Russia builds massive Arctic military base” 20th of October, 2015.

You might also ask, what is so very special about the Arctic? If you recall WWII, Hitler decided that he would have a very easy time if he not only attacked the West, but also, at the same time made his move on Russia. At first, it appeared to be a very smart move. The Nazis were moving swiftly, and then things changed. Listen to how Harold Kingsberg, writes about it on Nov 15, 2014, on the Quora website.

“The Nazis were extremely confident of a quick and easy victory against the USSR in 1941, and in the first few months of the war, they didn't have much reason to re-evaluate. In the first two months of the war, the Nazis took over a frankly gigantic swath of territory, including what's now Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and a big chunk of both Ukraine and Belarus. The Soviets were falling back - and they'd continue to do so until December 1941, by which point the Nazis were at the gates of Leningrad and Moscow, and were also within striking distance of the Caucasus - which is to say, within striking distance of Soviet oil supplies. If the Nazis had subsequently taken Moscow, then it's possible that the Soviet Union would have come crashing down. However, the Nazis were behind schedule and the Russian winter hit. The mean daily temperature in Moscow in November is -1.2 °C and -7.6 °C in December. From November to March, the mean daily temperature in Moscow does not climb above freezing - and that's just for an average winter. The winter of 1941-1942 was actually the coldest of the twentieth century.” Harold Kingsberg, “Why didn't the Russian Winter impact the Soviet Union the same way it affected Nazi Germany?” the Quora website, November 15, 2014

Hitler failed where Russia was concerned because the Russians were accustomed to the cold. To this day, they pride themselves on being able to adapt to the lowest temperatures on earth. They interpret this as a statement of their invincibility. Of all the things that one can say about Vladimir Putin, there is one element that is clear, he is a thinker and a planner. He seeks to find any and all potential advantages in his quest for dominance. Such an enemy must be carefully considered when dealing with the defense of a nation.

The possibility of war seems eminent. With North Korea threatening, China militarizing the islands that she has built in the south China Sea, with Iran preparing to respond to anything that America might do, with the United States rebuilding the military forces, it is clear that we are on the brink of conflict. The single power that can prevent this is the God of heaven and earth who proclaims to the angels holding the four winds, Saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads.

In Him alone must we put our trust.

Cameron A. Bowen


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