September 1, 2015:

Pope Francis Calls for Unity between Evangelicals, Catholics: 'Division Is the Work of Devil'

By Leah Marieann Klett

May 26, 2015 06:08 PM EDT

Pope Francis has called for unity among evangelicals, Catholics, and Christians from other denominations, emphasizing that "we are one in Christ" and warning that division between the groups is the work of the devil.

"Division is the work of the 'Father of Lies,' 'the Father of Discord,' who does everything possible to keep us divided," Francis said in a video message to a gathering sponsored by the John 17 Movement, according to Catholic Herald.

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Catholic Church pushes for Sunday Laws

Mar 18, 2014

Saturday is “no longer” the worship day of God, only on Sunday can we become part of the body of Christ in the world, only by worshiping on Sunday can we avoid “egoistic isolation” and instead be united “in a great community…a universal community” becoming “related to everyone in the world.” (Meeting with Diocesan Clergy of Aosta, Address of Pope Benedict XVI, Parish Church at Introd (Aosta Valley), Monday, July 25, 2005.)

“Social disorder, war, injustice and violence” can only be countered “ by renewed appreciation and respect for the universal moral law [Sunday observance], that only by recognizing that law can the world have “dignity, life and freedom” with “conditions of justice and peace” in all the communities of the world,

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In latest interview, Pope Francis reveals top 10 secrets to happiness

By Carol Glatz
Catholic News Service

07/29/2014 12:00 AM ET

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Slowing down, being generous and fighting for peace are part of Pope Francis' secret recipe for happiness.

In an interview published in part in the Argentine weekly "Viva" July 27, the pope listed his Top 10 tips for bringing greater joy to one's life:

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Pope: No-work Sundays good, not just for faithful

AP , Associated Press

Jul. 5, 2014  11:31 AM ET

CAMPOBASSO, Italy (AP) — Pope Francis has lamented the abandoning of the traditionally Christian practice of not working on Sundays, saying it has a negative impact on families and friendships.

He said that spending Sundays with family and friends is an "ethical choice" for faithful and non-faithful alike.

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